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Safety. Alerts. For. Education.

S.A.F.E. creates a safer school environment for students and faculty by providing the ability to simultaneously notify anyone in the impacted area with hyperlocal emergency alerts and real-time crisis communications.

How S.A.F.E. Works

Our mission is to eliminate or reduce casualties in active shooter or life-threatening incidents. A few seconds of warning can be the difference between life and death.

1. For U.S. Schools

Any U.S. school can sign up today and start sending alerts to their students and faculty. Communication within your school is key to keeping everyone safe.

2. Easy to Deploy

There is no infrastructure for schools to own or operate. Every school would have their own secure administrative alert dashboard, giving them the sole right to pre-define alert area messages or create them in real-time.

3. Mobile Solution

S.A.F.E.’s mobile app is free for students and parents to download today.¬†With S.A.F.E., your privacy is 100% protected. Alerts are sent anonymously based on your location and the preferences you select.

Product Features

Custom Alerts

Customize your alerts with 32 characters in the title and up to 2,000 characters in the body.

Images and Video

Attach images and video to each alert.

Anonymous Tips

Each alert can give the app user the ability to anonymously respond to the alert with information or questions.

Information Page

Design an information page to include with your alert that has unlimited text, images, and video.

Location-Based Alerts

Alerts are delivered based on your current location making alerts timely and relevant.

Social Sharing

Critical information can be shared quickly. App users can share the alert to their personal Facebook and Twitter, or through email and text.

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